What We Do

American Strategies is not merely a consulting firm. Our team members become confidantes and mentors for the folks we work with. The experience American Strategies brings to bear spans community service organizations and small businesses to congressional and presidential campaigns. On political campaigns, American Strategies rejects stale campaign-in-a-box methods that are the stock in trade of the cynical consultant class. For all of our clients, not only do we help you imagine your goals and the pathway there, we train you and your staff how to maintain the positive momentum. Whether it's a political campaign, PAC, business, elected official's staff, or a non-profit organization, we will arm you with the best tools available and teach your staff how to maximize results. We specialize in messaging and we are experts in expanding your sphere of influence.

What sets American Strategies apart is our unique relationships with professionals across America. No other firm in Oregon can boast this type of network of nationally recognized firms. Because American Strategies has forged strategic partnerships with several influential national firms, we can provide a full suite of services.

Services provided include:

Campaign Management Mentoring and Coaching
Email Campaigns Force Multiplying
Messaging Strategy Media Relations
Fundraising Video Production
Websites Content Creation
Phone Canvassing Data Management
Opinion Research Message Testing
Graphic Design Direct Mail
Digital Marketing Strategy Online Advertising


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