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Founded in 2011, American Strategies has provided critical guidance to local and national campaigns and commercial endeavors. We reject stale campaign-in-a-box techniques that are the stock in trade of the cynical consultant class. Our objective is to make you a force multiplier. We are experts in creating and implementing comprehensive digital strategies to maximize exposure and impact. With dozens campaigns under our belt - ranging from local to federal offices - we know what works, and what doesn't. We have a particular affinity for campaigns that advance American first principles.


John Kuzmanich, Co-founder


John is a life-long Reagan Conservative, a political activist and leader with an in-depth knowledge and comprehension of political science, world and American history, foreign relations, governmental fiscal policy and economics. A candidate for Congress in 2010, John founded the Oregon Tea Party PAC (state level) and the Oregon Liberty Coalition PAC (federal). As Chair of the Oregon Tea Party, John has planned and executed many large scale events that earned him respect among political activists and the media. John has been a successful radio host, a grassroots organizer, and an entrepreneur. His social media savvy is evident in the Oregon Tea Party Facebook page, which has continued to be the most active political page in Oregon. John is a master fundraiser, both for candidates and for political organizations.

Prior to his political involvement, John founded a successful mortgage business, managing offices in Portland and Chicago and conducting business in 40 states. He developed and executed highly successful sales programs, hiring and training hundreds of sales associates. His leadership increased sales from zero at startup to over $120M with revenues over $2M within two years.

In addition to his own campaign, John has provided guidance for Mia Love for Congress, Ben Pollock for Congress, Delinda Morgan for Congress and Maggie Nelson for State House.

John holds a BS in Economics from the University of Iowa. John believes that if you have the truth on your side, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jeff Reynolds, Co-founder

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Jeffery Reynolds brings a strong track record of leadership, grassroots organization, media savvy and social media mastery to the table for our clients. These qualities led to Jeff being trusted to spearhead the social media strategy for Mia Love in her 2012 congressional run. His comprehensive strategy helped this unknown candidate to take the political landscape by storm, leading to a shocking victory over a heavily favored opponent in the primary. Along the way, Jeff demonstrated the power of a comprehensive social media strategy with exponential increases in numbers of fans and new revenue generated.

Jeff is an avid blogger and a strong believer in the power of new digital media to overcome disadvantages presented by the mainstream media. He has a strong track record of grassroots organizing as the former Chair of the Multnomah County chapter of Americans for Prosperity, an ongoing member of the leadership council of Oregon Tea Party PAC, and in two terms as Chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party.  

Jeff founded 54°40’ Or Fight! in 2011, a media watchdog site for local and national news based in Oregon. In addition, Jeff has been a blog contributor to, and In 2013, Jeff was named the Editor of WatchdogWire in Oregon, a network of bloggers with the goal of exposing waste, fraud and abuse at all levels of government. His other campaign experience includes Ben Pollock for Congress, Scott Bruun for Congress, Jim Huffman for Senate, John Kuzmanich for Congress, Delinda Morgan for Congress, Maggie Nelson for State House, and his own campaign for regional office in Oregon in 2010. In addition, in 2010 Jeff helped US Citizens Association reimagine their entire web presence and created a full service social media and email engagement strategy.

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